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Online English Coach


We are looking for committed Online English Coaches to join our team. As an Online English Coach, your responsibilities will include preparing conversation plans, presenting practice material and reporting attendees' performance.


To be successful as an Online English Coach, you should be committed to facilitating conversations in an online private environment on a freelance hourly paid basis.


Online English Coach Responsibilities :

  • Attending assigned coaching sessions in a highly disciplined and determined manner.

  • Developing conversational content such as one-one discussions on subjects selected by the attendees and development team.

  • Tailoring your coaching style in accordance with attendees' needs.

  • Managing interpersonal dynamics to ensure that the online sessions is conductive to improving conversational levels of English.

  • Reporting on attendees' session details after each online session.

  • Help attendees develop independent learning and practice skills.

  • Remaining up-to-date with our learning and software and procedures.

  • Ensuring that your coaching equipment is in good working condition at all times.

  • Communicating in an efficient, effective and professional manner with internal teams.

  • Committed to following company rules and regulations.

  • Ability to commit to planned schedule of coaching sessions.

  • Able to complete reports and paperwork as needed.

  • Able to attend company wide meetings either online or in person at Istanbul HQ.


Online English Coach Requirements :

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

  • Experienced business professionals from all disciplines.

  • Being Turkish-English bilingual is a prerequisite.

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.

  • High level of English Language proficiency in all four skills.

  • Own laptop or desktop computer equipped with webcam and headsets.

  • Fast and stable internet connection.

  • Excellent computer skills and must be comfortable with using digital tools.

  • Organized and attentive to attendees' needs.


Work Environment - Coach from Home

Benefit from the comforts of working from your own home, save on travel time and enjoy more after-work free time.


Please respond to this opportunity with your up-to-date resume through

Thank you.


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